20170926 Update

Last week I got the results for my uterus biopsy and PET scan.
PET scan showed that I still have Thyroid and Stage 3 Right Breast Cancer which I have had since December 2012 when I started on Seven Point Five Detoxifying Supplement Treatment to enable my acid level PH on my tongue could become 7.5 so that my own anti-bodies could fight whatever is wrong with me.

The uterus biopsy result showed that I also have stage 2 uterus cancer now.

If you can, and feel lead to contribute to The Rising Sunset Fund Account please deposit money into my Capitec Bank Saving Account Number 1410953031 Branch Code 470010 Swift Code CABLZAJJ as it will help me increase my dose to help my own body fight whatever is wrong with me.

Thank you.

YOU ARE One In A Million
Sandie Riddin's "IT’S TIME" TESTIMONY

I try so hard to say things in few words because GOD NEVER STOPS DOING SO MUCH FOR ME and I am so grateful to all who are obedient to His prompting to help me in whatever way He has used them. I pray God blesses them 100 fold for the blessings they have been to me.

11 May 2017


Thank You Lord for bringing RAIN to the dry lands in South Africa that so desperately need it right now -  like You had an open heaven on such a beautiful clear blue sky dry hot day at
"IT'S TIME" Blomfontein

(1) getting us ready WITH EXPECTANT FAITH to receive Your Spiritual Refreshing Rain from Heaven to restore our desperately dry hearts, renewing our faith and trust in You as a Nation like never before because Isaiah 43:18&19 we forget the former things, we will not consider the things of old.

Behold You have begun A NEW THING IN SOUTH AFRICA. Now it sprung forth even though we do not fully understand and perceive it nor know it nor obey fully yet but we know YOU ARE MAKING A WAY IN THE WILDERNESS AND RIVERS IN THE DESERT OF SOUTH AFRICA. Thank You Lord.

(2) Thank You for teaching us, through
OUR TREK TO MEET WITH YOU LORD when some travelling 10 hours in the night (unknown) by bus from Durban, then walking what we were told would be 4 kms of dust roads, tuffs of farm grass and dongers from ploughs which was not easy to walk on as it was rough hurting under our feet even if we had the best boots or tackies on but

YOU TAUGHT US TO PERSIST and PERSERVERE until we find that place we can meet with You to obey and receive Your blessing.

(3) You were there waiting us to bless and reassure us with Your Love in Your Presence; wooing us gently
THROUGH OUR WORSHIPPING You for 4 hours before we prayed for 2.

(4) As we sought You
we HUMBLED OURSELVES and KNELT in the sand and REPENTED of our wicked ways AS ONE NATION we knew You heard from Heaven and You forgave our sins and You started healing our land and Your People in Jesus name. 2 Chronicles 7:14

(5) A Nation was born in that moment
Isaiah 66:8 united as ONE NATION UNDER GOD John 17:11 to love and forgive as You love and forgive us; to be a HOLY PEOPLE OF EXCELLENCE 1 Peter 1:15: FIRST AT HOME Acts 1:8 PLEASE HELP US LORD, TO CLEAN UP OUR OWN LIVES BEFORE WE TRY HELP OUR NATION Luke 6:41

(6) before You lead us into the Nation to be the difference; You want us to change so that You can flow through us touching and rebuilding our Nation once again into Your Great Army for the world to see SOUTH AFRICA BELONGS TO GOD.

(7) Thank You for the deep silent peace and joy that You cemented into
OUR CONTENTED HEARTS because we know we met with You – YOU WERE THERE and touched us all. Philippians 4:11

(8) as we packed up CARRIED OUR LIGHTER LOADS to travel back home Matthew 11:10

(9) CHANGED from glory to glory 2 Corinthians 3:18

(10) back through almost 4kms walk to the bus; where we journeyed BACK FROM WHERE WE CAME

(11) even if sleeping is DIFFICULT or sitting was PAINFUL and the SACRIFICE of standing 3 hours of 10 hours’ journey to relieve my burning bum from sitting on the hard-rough farm ground under my blanket

(11) I WAS BLESSED THAT I CAME. Isaiah 1:19 1 Peter 1:14

(12) THANK YOU LORD FOR TOUCHING AND HEALING MY BODY OF CANCER 1 Peter 2:24 Health and Long Life Psalm 118:17 AND OTHER ALIMENTS - I AM TRULY BLESSED because someone I did not know heard You prompt her to sponsor MY BUS TICKETS and she obeyed You so that I could be there with You

(13) with around 1.7 million Children of God who

(14) no longer are slaves to fear 2 Timothy 1:7


Thank You that 22nd April 2017 will be remembered throughout future generations as SOUTH AFFICA'S REBIRTHDAY John 3:1-8 where we became

(16) ONE IN CHRIST Romans 12:5

(17) together to stand, Ephesians 6:10-18

(18) supporting one another Romans 12:1-10 in prayer, love and generosity as

(19) You bind & grow us together with Your Love at home, work and play Matthew 13:30

(20) as we PRAY TOGETHER before the day as Your Family hearing from You day by day.


We pray the world and especially those in South Africa who hear about or read about the broadcast of "IT'S TIME" that You will PREPARE THEIR HEARTS with expectance like You did for us to make their hearts soft, watered ground, ready to receive YOUR WORD - YOUR SPIRITUAL SEED.

Thank You Lord for the future and all Your Good Plans to prosper and heal South Africa and the world as we submit ourselves to Your Lordship, which in doing so, we resist the devil James 4:7


22nd April 2017 in Blomfontein.

Thank You for revealing Yourself in showing us Your Presence in Power, Love and Approval through Your Mighty Wind You so deeply touch us, each one. I believe everyone at one time could not hold back a tear.

Thank You for loving us Our Daddy God WE LOVE YOU JESUS. Amen

Although uses people to help me I know HE SUPPLIES their needs enabling them to be generous to me because God wants all the glory.


Dec 12 - I first found the lump in my right breast.

I was diagnosed with
Stage 3 Breast Cancer, Feb 13 in both breasts.

April & May 13 I tried to have Chemotherapy before they wanted to give me a double mastectomy. Then they said that they needed to give me more Chemo afterwards.  But both times my blood showed I was too sick to survive Chemo.

The Oncologist looked back to my origin
1980 Oncology file when I was 20 - where he found I had 27 weeks of Radiotherapy for Nodular Sclerosis Lymphoma - Cancer of Lymphatic System - Hodgkin’s Disease.

These days MAXIMUM 6 WEEKS RADIOTHERAPY FOR LIFE is given, meaning I exceeded the maximum dose by 21 weeks and the Oncologist asked how I lived.

They had told me
IF I LIVED I would never be able to have my own children. GOD HEALED ME ON MY DEATH BED.

My children are now 32, (2 grandchildren 10 & 5) 29 & 22.

Doctors can do nothing for me except give me regular Cancer Check-ups to monitor change.
So, for as long as I live I will never be able to have any radioactive treatment as it will kill me.

My left breast tumor was 5x5cms when
the Lord caused it to disappear in July 13; just after I faced death the 4th time. God increased my endurance through the pain to want to live; believing God can and will do it again.

My right breast TUMOR was 11x11cms in Dec 12, just before leaving Durban for Blomfontein on 21st April 2017 was 7x7cms.

I stood up for every prayer except wanting a baby. When Angus spoke to Cancer to command it to leave our bodies: I felt a warm hoovering cupping my right breast and I could not hold back my tears. I knew God had touched me.

When I got home on 23rd April 2017, 6am, I measured the tumor and it had started shrinking by 0,5cms to and was 7x6cms before bed and on waking later in the day it was 6x5.5cms. I am not sure why it has remained that size until today 11May2017. I know GOD HEALED ME.

God is so good and faithful and always finishes what He starts.

Thank You Lord that I am healed by the stripes of Jesus
1 Peter 2:24

Heavenly Father You are All Powerful, our Awesome Almighty, All Sufficient God.

We Love, Adore, Appreciate & Trust in You OUR Daddy God Jesus.



Lately I had been telling my son that I'm tired of the devil in our lives.

When Angus said,
"IT’S TIME" to tell the devil "NO MORE" I started to cry.

Throughout the 2 hours I felt my tears washing my soul making
me whole again. Thank You Lord.

The biggest change is in my heart and mind that

I had made up my mind to kick my 22-year-old son out at beginning of April but knew
he had to walk his older sister down the aisle (in his father's place) to get married on 8th; then while they were on honeymoon; he and I houses sat loving their 3 fur babies.

We came home for me to be
blessed with a bus ticket to have joined the million plus God's Children where we met.

I gave God my will when we repented, so I literally became neutral concerning my son.

He was not home, when I got home. I saw the state of his bedroom and the kitchen.

I asked the Lord how I should react?

He told me to take a before photo of each section of his bedroom that needs improvement and the same in the kitchen. Because they would be the same.

Then He told me to turn off his computer and take the plug out the wall, then lock his bedroom door and not open it until he sees all the photos and apologizes.

I told him what I expect from him IF he chooses to live with me.

And I told him that I am not kicking him out;
HIS BEHAVIOR will kick him out or help him stay.

When I opened his bedroom door, the Lord told me NOT TO SPEAK ONLY because children learn from what they see.


I asked him to fetch the broom and dust pan.

I told him how I repented of not living a life of excellence FOR THE LORD AT HOME LIKE I USED TO before I got sick after he was born because
I had been too weak to do house work the last 20 years like I used to do before.

MY ENERGY AND STRENGTH IS BACK. I can sweep, dust, move furniture WITHOUT PAIN, amazing freedom, after being so bound so long - restricted by pain or weakness. I couldn’t even hold a computer mouse long without getting pain. THANK YOU, LORD.

I swept his bedroom twice, after dusting and literally made him make his bed twice before showing him myself,
how we made beds in hospital, when I nursed. We were professional bed makers.

Well, I couldn't believe the change in me - I never moaned - I just showed him how to keep his bedroom clean of dirt.

Afterwards, the Lord told me, when he is proud of his bedroom - after he has done one thing a day - washed all walls, windows and floor, tidied his wardrobe inside and shelves on wall that I need to explain that in the same way
God wants us to START IN OUR OWN LIVES at home to PUT OUR OWN HOUSE (LIVES) IN ORDER FIRST before we ask the Lord to help us to help others to repent of the sin in their lives & start living a life of excellence FOR THE LORD.

Amazing how there is no fear and stress in our home. We both are at peace.


February 2017, after living in the same 3-bed room flat with 2 bathrooms since July 2002 after my children's Dad died July 2002, we were evicted and told that we needed to get rid of our pets and move out by the end of April 2017.

We managed to find homes for our Love Bird and Kitten. But not for our older cat.

We gave God our will and were prepared to move - we had started in March downsizing to pack to move.

If I had the ability to work, or the money I would never have wanted to move. So. Although. I was prepared to move deep down I had a feeling that we were not going to move because
Psalm 37:4 says "Delight yourself in the Lord and HE WILL GIVE YOU THE DESIRES OF YOUR HEART."

On Sunday that I got home from “It’s Time” I was told because it is easier for everyone, we no longer are moving and our rent would be paid until February 2018. Philippians 4:19

Thank You Lord that YOU KEEP YOUR WORD & we can trust You without understanding
Proverbs 3:5&6


PEPPY OUR BEAUTIFUL BIG BLACK FLUFFY 2-YEAR-OLD CAT that evening started jumping on my chest to lie on me to love me again, when I'm lying down to purr, while I love Him. He even pushes his head between his ears against my lips for me to kiss him.  He hasn't done this in ages. I think he knows we are not moving anymore, so he has settled down too.

Just before coming home from house sitting last Sunday, someone we don't know, heard that we were trying to give him away because we couldn't afford to keep him.
She gave us 15kgs Science Cat Food and another friend gave us 20kgs cat litter.


In conclusion:


INSIDE is my greatest changea spirit of excellence now lives in me changing everything I do and effect the quality of my son’s life at home.

God supplied my ticket to get me to Blomfontein which taught me so many things.

God touched my body as He touched me and physically started shrinking my tumor more encouraging me to KEEP BELIEVING knowing I AM HEALED.

My Physical strength and NESTING – SPRING CLEANING FEELING has returned after 20 years of pain and weakness, since 1997, when I was sent home to die with a Fatty Liver caused by the radiotherapy that I had 1980. which doctors could do nothing for me. After 11 months of excruciating pain and weakness God delivered me when someone prayed for me. My Live Function Test - Gamma GT was 85 and the next day came down to 17 (normal 0-30) then.

 2007 I had Leukemia which God healed in 12 weeks using www.sevenpointfive.co.za natural detoxing supplements with a God made diet and exercise while oncologists got me to have a bone scan, CAT scan and PET scan to see how much Chemotherapy. Results showed absolutely no signs of any disease. When our salvia PH gets to 7.5 our own antibodies the way God made our bodies are strongest to fight whatever is wrong with us.

21st May 2012, a 18 wheeler with 17 ton load hit my conquest from behind with me bucked up inside. My car literally jumped forward hitting the stationery truck with strong tow bar in front of me. The seat belt hurt my thyroid and both breasts from the impact. I also had whiplash for many months.

September 2012, I developed a bronchitis which after 18 weeks did not go away and with further tests the lump was found giving the reason for not healing being Cancer.

Just like Angus taught us how to plough by faith keeping focused on Jesus, He encouraged us to believe without a doubt as we walk by FAITH in God, not by sight, or what we feel or hear the doctors say. We stand secure in Jesus love steadfast on His Unchanging Word.

We are no longer Evicted

And we can keep our cat.

Thank You Lord Jesus!!! 

Since 23rd April I slowly typed THE TRANSCRIPT of Angus Buchan leading the 2 hour "IT'S TIME" Prayer Meeting from the RECORDING 1 & RECORDING 2  that I made on my phone which you are welcome to download form here so that God can bless you through Angus Buchan too.


Light Up Sandie's Life Fundraising Campaign

With a grateful and humble heart I URGENTLY appeal to anyone who can please pray for me and donate in any way, as we need to reach our target by my 56th Birthday on the 3rd December 2016, so that I can start my 2nd 8-week-treatment.

It does not matter how small, please donate on www.GoGetFunding.com/light-up-sandies-live or into The Rising Sunset Capitec Bank Account because every little bit will help to me complete my URGENTLY needed Natural treatment to help my body heal itself. Thank you.

“I will live to tell what God has done” Psalm 118:17 is the scripture that I am standing on with all my faith as I pray and trust that God blesses the seed donated and return supplies the harvest of all the needs of all who donate to help me overcome dying the fourth time in my life. Thank you.

My latest Oncology Cancer Checkup on 20/10/2016 and my Seven Point Five Blood Analysis on the 24/10/16 was not as positive as it had been in the past.

My Liver Function Test GAMMA GT, which was 85 in 1997 when I was sent home to die with a Liver Problem; and was 108 in 2007 when I had Leukemia; and originally this time it was 96 in December 2012 when the lump was first found in my right breast and should be between 0 and 30; but over last few months came up to 86 from 71 in May 2016 at my previous Cancer Checkup 6 months ago.

My Blood Analysis showed my blood to be the worst it has been in years and my PH that was 7 only 4 months ago is now 6.5 and needs to be 7.5 to help my own antibodies be the strongest they can be to fight the best they can to help my body heal the way God made it to heal.

Since September 2013, I have not been able to work. Literally I have been forced to live by faith with a Disability Grant. God through many different people has helped me survive financially.

But I knew my health started to get worse since July 2016 after in agony I pushed my body to take the opportunity to make some money when I did 2 weeks bookkeeping for a client.

I humbly thank my daughters Kari-Anne and Jessie for their effort to try raise funds on the Internet www.GoGetFunding.com/light-up-sandies-live and Highway Mail who put an article in their paper which helped. And I thank all who have sacrificially donated to this Fundraising Campaign as it so far has helped me get the first 8 weeks of the www.SevenPointFive.co.za Severe Illness Detoxification Restoration Supplement Program to help my immune system strengthen so that my own antibodies will be stronger to help fight all that is still wrong in my body; I also received healthy fresh fruit and vegetables for the first 3 weeks to help me eat correctly to help me eat myself better and a received a maid to help me in the house twice a week for first 6 weeks to help me rest to help me heal.

In 2007, when I had Leukemia, I had 12 weeks of this same www.SevenPointFive.co.za Severe Illness Detoxification Restoration Supplement Program while Oncology sent me to have a bone scan, CAT scan and PET scan to see how much Chemotherapy I needed. The final result showed absolutely no sign of any disease and I did not even need Chemotherapy

This time, from 10 Seven Point Five Capsules a day on the Seven Point Five Maintenance Life Pack Program (plus 14 other natural supplement vitamins) a day; I now am able to have 60 Seven Point Five Capsules (plus 30 other natural supplement vitamins) a day. Swallowing 30 capsules 3 times a day has been difficult but I am managing to do it because I know when I was on this Program for 20 weeks in 2013 when my left breast tumor that was 5 x 9cms disappeared completely.

Since not working I could not afford the full treatment which I am sure if I was able to continue on I would have been better by now. The Seven Point Five Maintenance Life Pack Program that also was donated to me and is definitely what kept me living which I am very grateful for.

This time, after 1 week on the Seven Point Five Severe Illness Program the excruciating breast pain has become bearable pain. Other aches and joint pain especially in my right arm has decreased and even been non-existent at times but I think I will experience even less pain the more my body gets the help it needs to help it detox the toxins in the cancer cells.

I am now in my 3rd Week of the www.SevenPointFive.co.za Severe Illness Detoxification Restoration Supplement Program. Last week I still had a lot of breast pain which woke me up at night. I have increased Berriola by 2 capsules 3 times a day and all pain has gone, except if I forget to take my medicine on time.

I can definitely can see changes for the better on my breast but I can also see there is still a long way to go and I am asking all who to pray to agree with me in prayer that either God heals me instantly so that I do not need any more treatment or that we can raise enough money to get another 8 weeks as the cancer urgently needs to go from Stage 3 to Stage 2 and even better I need to become cancer free as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Sandie Riddin


Capitec Bank:      The Rising Sunset

Saving Account:  1410953031

Branch Code:       470010

Swift Code:                CABLZAJJ 
captured in 57A “Account with Institution” field


On 15th September 2016, a lady from the Highway Mail Newspaper, to my surprise came to interview me for an article that would be published in Wednesday 21st September 2016 edition; concerning my cancer story which she found out about from Kari-Anne  and Jessie Riddin my daughters who started the internet the Go Get Funding: Light up Sandie’s Life Fundraising Campaign on 1st September 2016, when she and her sister realized the critical situation that I have found myself in.

Time was limited. I was unable to tell her my whole humbling (because I need help) Breast Cancer Story that I am about to type here:

4 times I nearly died from dreaded diseases:

(1)  In 1981, at 20, after a Thymusectomy that was a tumor and removal of Lymph Glands in my neck, I was told that I had Hodgkin’s disease, cancer of the Lymphatic System. I then had a Staging Laparotomy with a Splenectomy, 54 stitches from my diaphragm to my pubic bone and then every week day for 6 months I had Radiotherapy from my chin to my pubic bone. I prayed and asked the Lord to keep the front of my hair to cover the back and I only lost the back of my hair. I was also told if I lived - I would never have my own children. I stayed in the Cancer Home called, Mkhula House in Umbilo Road, during my treatment as I nursed in Entabeni and my Mother stayed in the middle of Durban City where it was too noisy for me. After treatment, on my death bed, Jesus healed me.

February 1982, I got married Derrick Ernest Riddin (known as Dicky) and from 1984 – 1994, I had our 3 miracle children who are now Kari-Anne who is married to Richard Myburgh is nearly 32 with 2 of her own children, my grandson Tyler is 9 & my granddaughter Jasmine is nearly 5 years of age; Jessie my other daughter is 28 getting married April 2017 and our only son Jason 22 who was diagnosed with Schizophrenia in January 2016.

(2)  1997, I was sent home to die when the Liver Specialist found that I had a Fatty Liver caused from the Radiotherapy 16 years before. After 10 months, on Homeopathic Treatment – 53 tablets a day, with excruciating pain and no hope medically. Although the treatment did not heal me, it sustained my condition preventing me from dying. During that time, my late x-husband moved out to live with his mistress, leaving me with our 3 children then 11, 9 and not yet 1. Then someone prayed for me and I was totally delivered. God healed me again.

(3)  2007, I had bronchitis for 18 weeks when we discovered the 5th antibiotic was not helping me get better and blood was taken which showed us that I had too many sticky red blood platelets – I had Leukemia. During the 12 weeks that Oncologists were trying to diagnose how much Chemotherapy I needed to treat my Leukemia that was also cause by the Radiotherapy. Immediately, I started on the Seven Point Five Detoxify Cleansing Nourishing Program, www.sevenpointfive.co.za, while they did a Bone Scan, CAT scan and PET scan. They found after the 12 weeks, that I had absolutely no sign of any disease, and I needed NO Chemotherapy.

21 May 2012, my Conquest was hit from the back by an 18 wheeler with 17 tons on it, with me inside. The seat belt hurt my thyroid and both breasts but at first the worst pain was the whip lash which lasted a few months. I was put on Thyroid tablets which had a side effect that caused high blood pressure and water retention for which chronic medicine was also given to me to control these.

25 September 2012, I got bronchitis which I still have not recovered from, the degree of green to transparent mucus changes in color and my cough sounds bad but I do not cough all the time. To build my immune system particularly again flu and trying to recover from bronchitis I eat a lot of citrus fruit, and I rub Vicks on my chest and under my feet when sleeping and I take Vitamin C 200mg power, Cod Liver oil in Malt, a permanent natural respiratory antibiotic and have alcohol free cough mixture, vita force Tonsillit for strep throat, garlic pills and flu capsules to prevent flu when going where there is public especially my grandchildren or when I have bad flu systems.

(4)  By my 52nd birthday on 3rd December 2012, again 18 weeks of bronchitis not getting better, I felt a painless 11x11cm lump in my right breast and 7x9cm lump in my left breast. As I have been an Addington Hospital Oncology Department Patient since February 1981, the soonest I could be booked to have a Biopsy in the Breast Clinic was in February 2013.

In December 2012, when I received my first Christmas Bonus where I worked, my daughter’s Mother-in-law, Faye, had just found out that she had Stage 3 Cervical Cancer and I offered to pay for her first week of Seven Point Five Seriously Ill Program which costs R4000. Faye and I became very close during our suffering time together. I called her my closest, dearest, suffering friend.  We both started having 21 (7x3) apricot kernels a day too.

I got the Seven Point Five Life Pack for myself which now cost R1 200pm and is the lowest dose to just help boost or maintain my system. I had not told anyone else about my lumps nor did I want to speak death over myself. I believe fear is opposite to faith and sometimes the less others know the more positive I find I can be.

2013 February, after my biopsy, I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer and I was told that I would need to have Chemotherapy to shrink both breast tumors, before having a double mastectomy, before having more Chemotherapy.

The doctor who broke the news to me was fascinated by my not being effected emotionally because of my faith and trust in God that he asked for my phone number so that he could phone me in 2 years’ time. I told him only the condition he gives me his phone number in case he forgets to phone me. We exchanged numbers.

Immediately on hearing, I told my results to my bosses at Stuart Financial Custodians where I worked as a Bookkeeper and to help build my immune system, they donated R12 000 to help me go onto the Seven Point Five Detoxify Cleansing Nourishing Severe Illness Program for the 5 weeks before I was due to have my first Chemotherapy.

April 2013, my oldest sister Cherryl went with me to Albert Luthuli Hospital Oncology for me to have my first Chemotherapy. They first took my blood to test it on the day to see if I was strong or well enough to be able to cope with Chemotherapy that day. They told me that I was not well enough and if I was given Chemotherapy that day, it would kill me. I needed to rest another month and try again the next month.

The Oncologist told me that my Liver Function was too high and is usually the first organ to be effected by Chemotherapy. I reassured him that I believed God is in control and I know He uses many different methods to heal me. I told him when I had been sent home to die in 1997, how after 10 months of having my Liver Problem that was caused by my 1981 Radiotherapy, someone prayed to God for me and I was totally healed. My Liver Function Gamma GT that was 85 came down to 17 in the normal range (0-30) the next day. I told him that I would stay on the natural cleaning detoxifying treatment Seven Point Five Treatment as long as there are funds for it.

When the procedure to have my first Chemotherapy was repeated in May 2013, my youngest daughter Jessie went with me.

The Oncologist told me that he looked at my 1981 file and found the reason why I WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO HAVE ANY TYPE OF RADIOACTIVE TREATMENT FOR AS LONG AS I LIVE. He said these days the maximum one can have of Radioactive Treatment is 6 weeks for life and because I had 6 months of radiotherapy for Hodgkin’s disease, that is 21 weeks too much Radioactive treatment, I had more than is allowed today.

He asked me how I managed to live after my radiotherapy treatment in 1981 because today I would die from so much treatment.

I told him even though I had been told: IF I lived; there were many reasons why I would never be able to have my own children, Jesus touched me on my deathbed and healed me. He told me that he was sorry but medically there was nothing they could do except monitor my progress giving me my usual monthly, then 3 monthly then 6 monthly and eventual annual check-ups which I am still going to every 6 months.

Seven Point Five, as a company, put me on their Angel Program (Franchises from all over South Africa joined to sponsor my Seriously Ill Program) immediately where they donated my first 8 weeks themselves; costing R17 450.00 (cost R22 600 now) which I am extremely grateful for. I was told I became a candidate when they realized I gave so willingly and sacrificially, what I so desperately needed myself in December.

I was warned about the reasons some stop the program: there are many capsules to swallow, severe arthritic detoxifying pain is experienced especially in areas that are used such as fingers, hands, wrests, feet and joints as well as a flu type feeling sick feeling and it is desirable for the patient to not be working so that they can sleep through the worst which could take 8 to 10 weeks.

I told them that I know Seven Point Five worked for my Leukemia and I knew it would work again. I promised to take Seven Point Five as long as I have the finances supplied by whosoever. I believe the way that people have come through with supplying the finances to be on Seven Point Five is GOD confirming to me that it His Will for me to have Seven Point Five Treatment so that GOD He can heal me through my own anti-bodies the way He made my body to heal.

Swallowing so many capsules had become too much, I experienced burning after swallowing them all; especially if I had not had enough to drink with them or if I had not had enough to eat before taking them. I have learnt over time that the best way to swallow 20 – 37 capsules at one time is to literally have my food as fresh raw vegetable fruit juice which I drink them taking with. I have this juice 4 times a day with my medicine now and since doing this I have no more problems except my playing with 2 at a time with my tongue and when I realize they are melting which encourages me then to swallow them quickly.

I did find I experienced more pain if I did not have a full 8 hours sleep the night before or more if I was not well with flu.

The detoxifying pain has been bad. I found holding the steering wheel to drive an hour to work or back home in the evening hurt my fingers, wrests, elbows, shoulder joints and sometimes my lower back around my hip joint area as well as my feet especially my left foot from using the clutch. I learnt to hold one hand on top and the sorer hand rest on the bottom of the steering wheel and of course to not grip the steering wheel as hard. I am right handed and work on the computer all day, my right wrest has been sorest as well as my fingers from typing, which also affect my right breast more.

What I had forgotten during all 3 times where I was fighting death, I had experienced a loss of memory, and with most diseases the patient experiences confusion and loss of memory as they go through the trauma physically. Again, I found this happening even months before I was diagnosed. Seven Point Five Mindset definitely helped and I have found as the weeks went by on the Seriously Ill Program my mind has become more alert and I was up to scratch with my work and my understanding and recalling became more efficient.

I have battled with tiredness or exhaustion. I would wake up tired even though I had had 8 hours sleep. Against this tiredness, I was pushing my body, I would get up and continued going to work. The only time I had off was to go to Addington for tests or to go for Chemotherapy. Twice my white blood and platelets cells were good but my hemoglobin was too high. My liver seems to be battling. I am also on thyroid and heart medication which also could be causing my tiredness. Besides detoxifying does put a lot of pressure on the body as I think my cells are working over time.

When my body ached or my breast had pain, I would have hot Epsom salt soaking bath, up to 2 hours of filling the bath with more hot water. This definitely relieved pain and helped me sleep better. I also rubbed our magic pain relieving 7.5 cream CMO anywhere that I had pain. Extra, I rubbed 7.5 Squalene on my lump and found this definitely made a difference.

Breast pain has been from lifting heavy files at work. I am a Bookkeeper and we do books for 18 companies who have at least 6 full A4 lever arch files each that need lifting while dealing with them. I also found I could not push or pull to sweep, wash floors, wash dishes or cloths or hanging up cloths without breast pain, nothing to do with treatment. But in time even this pain has subsidized as the lump has reduced in size due to taking 4 Seven Point Five Berriola 4 times a day. I was definitely getting better.

The tumor has shrunk from a solid lump of 11 x 11cm to 6 x 5cms with a top layer down that is non-existent shrinking to the last measurement of 2 x 2cms before today’s measurement. Compared to what I experienced at the beginning of treatment; I have experienced much less pain in my breasts when sweeping, ironing, washing dishes, cloths or the floor and driving as time has progressed into my 10th week of Seven Point Five Severe Illness Program. I am experiencing less detoxification arthritic pain all over now and much more strength. I battled with exhaustion as my body was doing it’s best to survive. I have had a few days when I have woken up feeling normal until I get out of bed but in that it is progress. Last week, Wednesday was a holiday and I took Thursday and Friday off as leave which gave me 5 days of not having to drive. I did sleep as much as I could and I did start feeling less pain and not feeling as exhausted. Today, I woke up feeling the fittest I have felt for a long time.

This week my PH was 6.8 best it has been in ages. My blood did not look as good as we expected but I know I have been taking extra vitamins and flu medicine as well as been more stressed than usual and lacked sleep as well as fighting bugs that others in the office have been experiencing. When others sneeze or cough or feel fluey, I take flutex or cough mixture. I have had bronchitis since 25th September 2012 which after 18 weeks, I had 5 days of hourly orange juice which helped me breathe normally without a hoarse voice which antibiotics couldn’t help. I still think it there as I sometimes cough up phloem so I have my natural antibiotic cough mixture of same proportion of garlic, ginger and honey. I also wear a medical mask when others around me are not well. One college has pleurisy, another a tummy flu bug and others head cold or flu. I am feeling fine but I know inside my body if fighting. I know I need more extra sleep and less stress.

It takes me 2 hours once a week to dish up my 67 natural 7.5 capsules, 3 spray bottles and 5 monthly chronic medications and 16 vitamins totaling 109 per day and 80 sprays per day. Once they are packed and ready, my daily routine of picking the 4 blocks for the day and placing them in my bag is easy.

My body needs to keep detoxifying so that the PH on my tongue reaches 7.5 enabling my own anti-bodies, the way God made them, to fight whatever is wrong with me; in the same way as it did when I had Leukemia and I recovered without Chemotherapy on Seven Point Five Treatment.

20130410: “Unless God does a miracle sooner, at that moment it looks like I possibly would need another 4 x 8 weeks that is 32 weeks (an average of R3000 per week / R12 000 a month / R24 000 every 8 weeks’ x 4 = R96 000 in 34 weeks – 6 ½ months from 1st June 2013) of Seven Point Five Severe Illness Program. Then I need to stay on the maintenance course for as long as I live, to keep my body strong enough to not get cancer again. I know GOD will provide and I will be well again.”  

My basic diet per day:

I drink 2 liters filtered water, seldom I drink Spar Apple juice, usually I have black ginger honey tea with mint / wild berry green tea and honey; with my capsules I drink 3 times a day - 500ml fresh raw fruit & vegetable juice (Orange juice – carrots, pumpkin / butternut, yellow peppers, orange melon and any thing else that is yellow or orange without pipes or hard skin in my juicer. Green juice – spinach, cucumber, cabbage, green peppers, baby marrows, sweet potatoes, granny smith apples, green span speck and any thing green. Red juice – beetroot, red peppers, red cabbage, red onions, tomatoes, red apples and anything else that is red,)

I eat mostly fresh raw fruit and vegetables 3 times a day and for supper 15% daily food I cook: sometimes other varieties but usually using olive oil I use onions, mushrooms, tomatoes and spinach stir fry on brown rice with liver, chicken, fish or eggs. Breakfast I eat e-pap with Spar Apple juice; egg on ole seeded bread, jungle oats with Spar apple juice and honey.


I made a Fundraising Face Book Page so that I could try raise more money to help me complete the necessary Seven Point Five Treatment without Chemotherapy and having my breast removed because I do believe with all my heart that I am going completely recover just using seven Point Five with faith in God, the help of many and my own determination and endurance.

At that time, my thyroid had also grown inwards and I began choking on my food. Once Jason did the Heimlich remover 10 times before the finger nail size watermelon went down.

On 1st May 2013, Jason my son went to live with his friend, as I could no longer manage doing my Motherly duties and later after July Holidays at home, he moved to live with my brother, Peter and his wife, Penny and their 3 children: Ayla, Donovan and Nikita. He studied and passed matric with his cousin Ayla who was also in matric.

On 1st June 2013, Jessie my middle child was 25 and had never left home, she moved out to live closer to her 2 jobs; at that time one was at Sibaya Casino as a hostess where she worked from 10pm and returned early hours of the morning.

Many different people donated money in June 2013 to help me keep up my treatment.

By the end of June 2013, after a month on my own, I knew I desperately needed help. I was beginning to not be able to do menial everyday tasks where I used my hands as they are connected via my arms to my breasts; like washing dishes, sweeping, ironing, cooking and dishing up food.

I was looking for a female boarder who would also do my house work.

Instead, my only response was from a man who when I gave him my interview dinner, I told him that I was looking for a woman. When I asked him if he would wash the dishes for me, when he was nearly finished, he asked me how to wash the juicer grater, he could see how much pain I was in. He then told me that I did not need a woman as a boarder but a man who could pick me, carry me and put me in the car if I had to be rushed to hospital. I knew he was right. He then picked me up to demonstrate that he was the person I needed. He also explained how his Mother and sister has both died from Breast Cancer and how he was unable to be with them, when they needed him most. He also told me that he was a chef which I did not pay much attention to as I was in too much pain and was just looking for a willing and available person who would do the house hold chores. Little did I know he became my Care Giver Chaffer who started driving me around, as even driving was painful.

People already knew my condition but I did not want family and friends to become more afraid that I could be dying and then speak their fears and death over me.

I believe in living my faith in God’s Word by not willingly sinning, being as positive as I can be, speaking life, putting on make-up, looking and acting well to help me feel better than I am, to avoid telling people that I had boarder who was my Male Maid Care Giver we agreed to present ourselves as boyfriend and girlfriend even though people who knew me knew I would never allow a man to live with me if we were emotionally involved to avoid temptation; my agreement with my Care Giver was to look like he was my boyfriend outside of home so that no one would know he was supporting me and driving me round because I needed his help and when we were home he was my Brother-in-the-Lord Boarder come Maid. Even though he was 14 years younger than me, I did fall in love with him and wanted to be married to him. This desire to get married again gave me the fight I needed to want to live; even though eventually we knew marriage was not in our future when we saw my recovery had started and it was his time to move on.

In July, after 3 weeks of my Care Giver anointing my head with oil and praying for me daily, the left breast tumor that had been 5x5cms, when he moved in, had disappeared completely before my Cancer Check-up that month. That month with the help of many, I raised a further R3 000 doing a Fundraiser at Durban Gateway Barnyard Theatre.

Regardless, I was unable to keep up the seriously ill program and got what I could and started getting weaker and was experiencing more pain as the days passed by. I used CMO capsules and cream for pain which definitely helped me cope with driving an hour to and from work every day. Just holding the steer wheel became holding on for dear life. Just keeping my left foot on the clutch or right one on the accelerate caused so much leg and ankle pain I knew my time to drive was coming to an end. In the office, I needed to pick up heavy full A4 files and carry them to my desk which I eventually got help from the Cleaning Lady to do. Even typing began to cause such pain and my whole body just felt like it wanted to shut down and sleep forever. I asked the 2 Directors if I could have a month leave to just sleep. Both of them had lost their fathers to cancer. I had used all my sick leave and annual leave and they paid me for my request but called me in for a meeting 2 weeks in and retrenched me telling me that they needed to replace me even with someone temporary. And when I was well I could come back and work as a temp until I was well enough to work full time again. They paid me half my salary for the next 2 months.

Constantly since then, trusting God because I knew I was unable to work for rent and whatever I need has definitely caused me to experience a humbling faith in God that is beyond what I had experienced before. Sometimes money has not arrived on time and caused me to nearly be evicted from where I have lived for 14 years. Different times sometimes by the same people R5 000pm which covered my rent came, R13 000 once, R15 000 once and even R22 000 that helped pay 5 months’ rent to prevent me being evicted. God is so good; I am still living there. I am grateful for my landlord’s grace and patience because sometimes 3 or more months’ rent are outstanding and I know she needs my rent.

I last worked a full day permanent job in September 2013. And I did sleep most of October, November and December 2013 when slowly my strength started to return.

I have only had the Seven Point Five Life Pack since not which was donated by a very special person who I totally appreciate and know has literally saved my life through her sacrificial kindness.

I remember waking up with my Care Giver sitting staring at me sleep. I asked him what he was thinking. He told me that he could not believe how helpless I was at that time.

In December 2013, I was over my worst when my Care Giver moved on and became a Chef for Chanteclair Hotel.

Besides my never stop fighting to live, 2014-2016 felt like it was taking forever because I have had many other challenges in-between trusting God for rent which I had been unable to earn.

January 2014, Faye died and my life was shattered as I tried so hard not to tell others about my sufferings like Faye and I shared our sufferings with each other. In my heart ache, I prayed for a new suffering friend who I could share my sufferings with; as a comfort and strength for each other. At Night Bible College, I grew closer to Bev Green who became my closest Christian soul-mate suffering friend; we became closer than my x-husband, who I never stopped loving, had prayed he would come to his senses and come home but instead he died in April 2002.

My closest suffering friend ever, Bev also had Cancer found me a job because she saw I nursed at Entabeni Hospital in my cancer photos from 1981. From October 2014 – March 2015, although it was too much for me at times and the pain was unbearable, I took on a half day Nursing Care Giving Job for a 73-year-old diabetic gentleman who had had his forth stroke when he broke his arm before I met him. He was slurring, one could not make out what he was saying when I arrived, and he was confined to his bed in nappies because he could not walk. Eventually, he was progressed to a wheel chair, a walker and eventually a walking stick and after my speech training we could understand him on the telephone. In many ways he was in better shape than me when I stopped working for him.

December 2014, after a year on my own, Jason returned home.

When I stopped working in March 2015, I was not well at all. I had been pushing myself for money and every time I nearly died - the lesson has been the same: I should have learnt that it is not worth killing one self for money – literally working myself to death.

By the May and June 2015, out of love, I went to sleep in Bev’s bed to be her Care Giver Friday to Mondays; God helped me manage to be the help she needed but when I was home, I was back to my own agony, nursing myself full time in bed from Monday afternoon until Friday morning when God gave me the strength to be there to love Bev the best I could, before she passed away on 17/06/2015. I felt like my heart was ripped out of me. I then prayed and asked God for Spiritually Strong Christian Friends who could build me up in the Lord and asked Him not to send me a suffering friend. I still miss her every day.

October 2015 Cancer Check-up showed my T-Count was normal for the first time, meaning whatever treatment I was on was working. I asked how come Breast Cancer had a T-Count and I was informed that that was my Thyroid Cancer Check-up results. I had forgotten and never even mention it to anyone that I had Thyroid Cancer too. I knew if I had Chemotherapy or Seven Point Five the whole body would be treated and if and when I would go for my operation I would then go see the Thyroid Surgeon.

I did manage to get a few other sporadic hours a time odd jobs. I taught a 7-year-old guitar when it was extremely painful for me to even hold my own but did what was needed to try make some money. But she only had a few lessons. Once a week for half an hour or an hour is not too much as I have time recuperate. I have one 21-year-old who has 2 lessons a month and now I am finding it easier and less painful to hold a guitar.

I also did a few Computer lessons for one student who only called me when he needed help, over several months about 5 times.

Jason started having a problem that caused me to take him to many doctors and eventually he was hospitalized in December 2015 and was discharged end of January 2016 after he had been diagnosed with Schizophrenia which he is now stable on medication for.

I have not been well enough to sit longer than half an hour without pain in my buttock. I have always looked healthy by using make-up when I leave home and because my car worked, I did not realize walking long distance was too much for me and actually causes me great pain.

My car’ starter broke, with some other problems and has been out of action for more than 2 months now, which has forced me to not go out as much but I do miss my independence and the help it gives to not have to try walk far distances or to ask for lifts to get there and back.

I did Bookkeeping jobs twice, both times in agony and the pain caused Hugh setbacks in my health which has not been worth it.

(Even typing this has caused severe pain in my right arm, especially in my right shoulder joint, on the outside of left hand and in my right breast – I have rested until the pain subsides and then continued until I have finished: added during my editing on 21st June 2016, 6:30).

When my car stopped, I had done my last 120-hour bookkeeping job which my client asked me to do but has refused to pay me and now I have to walk to the Small Claims Court to try get some of R18 075 he owes me, so that I can pay my outstanding rent.

This last time that I worked from home caused my children to realize the critical crisis that I personal am in, right now.

Because typing or using the mouse movement was too much for the tumor in July 2016 the tumor started growing in size and became very painful. At that same time, Jason went to hospital after a relapse, where he has been for 8 weeks and is came out on 20th September 2016 when he moved in with the Krauspe family again as I am not strong enough to cope with him at this time.

I remembered Seven Point Five Berriola R309 builds the immune system in such a way that it attaches and shrinks tumors. I literally asked my daughters if they would ask my siblings for help as I did not have airtime or data to phone or WhatsApp or email. I also requested help from a WhatsApp Group called Helping Hands and between family and 2 other kind friends from that group God enabled me to be on Berriola for 2 months so far. All pain immediately stopped and I definitely can feel I am on the mend again but I know I will need to be on 3x3 capsules a day for a long while as I was close to stage 4 and desperately need to reverse the tumor to help it shrink and totally disappear like the left breast tumor disappeared when I was on the full seriously ill program in July 2013.

Looking back, I have seen I need to have 4 Berriola 4 times a day to help the tumor disappear like the left breast tumor disappeared. If I get 4 bottles at the beginning of a month I can start having 4 x 4 a day. Ideally, I am still critically ill and having the full seven Point Five Seriously Ill Program would be best. But having the Life Pack and any other products right now with whatever people give me I know it might take longer but I will progress and regain my health back.

On 1st September 2016, Kari-Anne worked out that I needed a certain amount to help me not worry for 6 months which she stated in the internet the Go Get Funding: Light up Sandie’s Life Fundraising Campaign target being on my birthday 3rd December 2016, by when I would have been fighting this fight for 4 years.

Honestly, 9 weeks ago, when the need for money was there and someone asked me to do their books, I started feeling worse because I had pushed my body, I did not know my body was not ready to work. Jason’s trauma had also caused me too much stress for me to handle. I did begin to feel like giving up on life because my physical and emotional pain had made me weary, along with all the other challenges of life that drain me of energy or my will to live. But after a short cry, I repented for feeling sorry for myself and was encouraged when I felt someone alongside me like a tug, when I received my first bottle of Berriola. I know I can beat cancer WITH GOD THROUGH THE HELP OF OTHERS.

Psalm 118:17 “I will live to proclaim what God has done.” This scripture I read when I first felt the lump and it has given me the courage to keep going and to once again: to refuse to die. I believe my God Purpose is to type and have my autobiography, “The Rising Sunset” published as I become a Motivational Speaker encouraging others like you to keep believing and trusting Jesus, who is the only Living God, to help you against all odds until you too have conquered whatever is your challenge in your life.

I have lived this long, not having Chemotherapy or operations, because I have an intimate relationship with Jesus as my Lord who I listen to and put my total trust in, humbly accept all help and I have been - listening to my body - mostly at bed rest when my body needs it, been on Seven Point Five, been eating a God made diet (no proceed foods), done a lot of juicing using cancer destroying fruit and vegetables and mainly because I refuse to think that I am dying. I am living to survive and overcome cancer again; with the help of God and whoever He uses to help me financially to continue to do what has been working for me.

There are a few other products that I have taken on the way; whenever anyone buys and gives me: other natural products which also have boosted my recovery. I even did ozone treatment. When I have them I have Flu Caps, Natura Biochemic Tissue Salts, Septalin / SpectaGuard, Tonsillit, Calcium, Himalaya Chyavanaprasha vitamins, Himalaya tooth paste, Himalaya Forte, ThyroVite, Milk Thistle, Barley Life Green Powder, 7.5 Carol Calcium tea bags, Cell Food, 7.5 Silvermax spray, 7.5 Berriola capsules, 7.5 Mindset capsules, 7.5 Squalene, 7.5 CMO capsules, 7.5 CMO Cream, 7.5 Assimi8 capsules, 7.5 Active8 capsules, 7.5 Live Detox Spray, Black Strap Malaises, Cod Liver Oil in Malt, Flex Seed Oil, Cheap multivitamins, Vitamin B and Iron. My sister is getting Aloe Treatment for me to try.

I humbly admit that I do need help to continue my journey to my full recovery which seems so far away but could be closer, if I could continue on Berriola or receive whatever the Lord leads people to give me to help me.

If you feel inspired to be a part of what I need to help me live; please go to the internet the Go Get Funding: Light up Sandie’s Life Fundraising Campaign and donate using your visa, credit card or PayPal or if you would like to donate into my fund account through Electronic Transfer or Manual Depositing; please use your email address as your reference so that I can personally thank you for your contribution which in advance I truly am grateful for and thank you for even considering helping me. Thank you.

Capitec Bank:      The Rising Sunset

Saving Account:  1410953031

Branch Code:       470010

Swift Code:          CABLZAJJ 
captured in 57A “Account with Institution” field

October 2016 is my next Cancer Check-up where they take 5 ampules of blood to test and feel and measure the tumor as well as ask me what I have been experiencing since my last visit.

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